Military POV Shipping: Rules & Restrictions

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If you need your POV shipped, either because of a PCS order or for another reason, there are some limitations you should be aware of. Depending on the circumstances, you may qualify for free shipping with the Department of Defense, though that is not always an option. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the requirements and limitations of shipping a privately owned vehicle for members of the military. The sections below address issues of vehicle…

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Relocation Tips & Resources For the Armed Forces

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For military families, moving is a regular part of life. Studies indicate that military families will move, on average, about once every three years, which adds up to about three times more than nonmilitary families. Obviously, this can take a toll on the entire family, particularly children that must switch cities, schools, or even countries in the middle of their education. This blog post is designed to help alleviate some of the stresses that come with making a…

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Finding Military Movers in Houston

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Moving requires a lot of planning and patience and with the help from expert military movers, much of the stress can be relieved. To find a reputable company, do online research and read testimonials. Compare at least three quotes from three different companies to ensure you are getting the best price. If you live near a moving company, stop in and talk to an agent in person. They can set up a ship date with you right in the…

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Finding Cheap Military Moving Companies

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When it comes to moving, you can guarantee you are headed for a great deal of stress. Cheap military moving companies want to take some of the stress off of your shoulders by offering low cost services. To find these companies, you will have to conduct some research. Online is the best place to compare services and prices. Once you have at least three companies of interest, give them a call and compare quotes. The agents you speak with should…

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The Responsibilities of a Military Moving Company and How to Find the Right One

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Other than the actual relocation of your belongings, military movers offer many other services to consider. As soon as you receive your orders, it is wise to start looking for the right military mover for hire.  It is suggested that customers book with a mover a few months ahead of time so that everyone has time to prepare accordingly. Find the right military mover by using the Internet as your tool. Look for the closest moving companies with military relocation…

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