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Do you presently live in the lively and culturally rich state of Louisiana?  Known for its vibrant music, mouthwatering cuisine, and laid-back atmosphere that embodies the Southern charm, there’s no wonder why you’ve decided to make a local move within this magnificent state. Whether moving just a few blocks away or trekking from Shreveport to New Orleans, this guide covers every aspect of your move. Let’s dive in!

Louisiana offers a broad spectrum of job opportunities, from the oil and gas sectors to the healthcare industry. You may be moving closer to a new job in Baton Rouge’s bustling downtown or seeking business opportunities in Lafayette; make no mistake, moving can be overwhelming. However, your Louisiana intrastate Military Moving Company can be smooth sailing with the correct information and assistance.

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Average Cost of Moving within Louisiana

If you’re gearing up to a same-state move within Louisiana, you’ll want to budget accordingly. For local moves within 50 miles, you can pay around $100 to $150 per hour for two movers and a truck. The size of your move is crucial; relocating a one-bedroom apartment might Military Moving Cost you between $400 and $600, while a more prominent, 4-bedroom home could set you back $1,000 to $2,500.

Additional services like professional packing, temporary storage, or moving specialty items will add to the total cost. To get a more precise estimate tailored to your needs, it’s always a good idea to get multiple quotes from reputable movers.

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Tips for Louisiana Samestate Moves

Here are some essential tips to ease your intrastate move within Louisiana:

  •  Budget & Schedule

Start by getting multiple quotes from reputable moving companies to understand costs and services. Remember to budget for packing materials, temporary storage, or any additional services you might need. The earlier you start planning, the better. Try to avoid peak moving seasons or weekends when prices can be higher. Create a timeline that includes tasks like booking movers, packing, and final move day. Endeavor to stick both to avoid last-minute changes and extra charges.

  • Take Inventory

Take stock of your belongings, listing all that you own. Use the list to gauge your moving truck size and packing material needs. Inventorying ensures you don’t forget anything, aids in unpacking, and is valuable in case of loss or damage during the move.

  • Choose a Mover

Start by researching local moving companies in Louisiana. You can get recommendations from friends and family who recently moved. Search online for local movers. Get the public opinion of their services. Confirm they’re licensed and insured, then get a quote.

  • Pack Smart

Packing Smart is all about efficiency and organization. Start by decluttering so you only pack what you truly need. Use sturdy, uniform-size stacking and soft items like towels or clothing to cushion fragile objects. Label boxes by room and indicate if they have delicate items. Pack an essentials box with items you need immediately.

  • Move Day

On the day, have everything ready for the movers. Do a final walkthrough to ensure nothing is left behind. Be present during the last day to oversee the process and address questions or concerns.

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Other Moving Services within Louisiana

Three Movers provide a variety of moving services to locals. Some of them include:

  • Moving Labor

Have you decided on a DIY moving method but need extra hands with the heavy lifting? Moving labor services specialize in providing the workforce to help you load and unload your moving truck, but with the exemption of the truck. It’s a cost-effective moving option. The movers usually charge on an hourly basis.

  • Apartment Moving

Whether you go from a studio to a two-bedroom apartment, we’ve got you covered.  We are familiar with apartment complexities and can navigate these obstacles effectively. 

  • Same day moving

Our same-day moves cater to clients with last-minute moving needs.  Whether you must relocate urgently for an emergency or your last move got canceled, do not worry. Three Movers will take up the challenge. We will pack and move your belongings in no time.


Moving within Louisiana offers the opportunity to go to a new location while staying within the unique cultural and geographical landscape of the Pelican State. Proper planning, organization, and communication with local authorities and service providers will ensure a successful intrastate move within Louisiana.

Our team of experts has all it takes to ease the moving process. We provide detailed and transparent moving quotes at no cost. Maybe you need a consultation about the best services; we are here. Contact us today!

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