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Maine, also called The Pine Tree State, comes with its craggy coastline, bustling small towns, and unparalleled natural beauty; its luxurious grounds and natural appeal make it an eye-catching beauty that’s difficult to ignore. So, maybe you’re looking to experience a new part of this gorgeous state, or life circumstances are nudging you towards a new zip code within Maine. Whatever the reason, you’re in luck. Moving within Maine can be stress-free.

Maine offers diverse lifestyles—from peaceful coastal towns like Bar Harbor to the vibrant arts and food scenes in cities like Portland. This article serves as a guide for people to change addresses within The Pine makeState.

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Average Cost of Moving within Maine

Considering cost is vital if you’re contemplating a same-state move within Maine. Generally, for local moves—typically considered within 50 miles—prices can range from $80 to $100 per hour for a team of two movers and a truck. The size of your move will also impact the cost; for example, relocating a one-bedroom apartment might be around $400-$600, while a larger home could cost you between $1,000 and $2,500.

Additional services like packing, storage, or specialty item moving can increase the cost further. Always get multiple quotes from trustworthy moving companies to better understand your specific moving costs. Factors that influence intrastate moves include;

  • Distance: Even within Maine, distance could go over 200 miles. Hence, the cost of moving within the 80-mile distance between Portland and Waterville will vary from the cost of moving between the 300-mile distance between Portland and Fort Kent.
  • Season: The time of year and weather conditions can affect the cost. For cheaper moving rates, consider moving during winter.
  • Additional services: packing, unpacking, and storage needs attract additional costs.
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Tips for Maine Samestate Moves

A local move within Maine can be a breeze if you have a straightforward, better understanding of a simple 5-step relocation process to make your move easy and stress-free:

  • Set a Budget and Timeline

Determine how much you will spend on your move and establish a timeline. Your budget will determine the military moving company you can hire and help checkmate your spending, keeping you on your toes.

  • Inventory Taking

Make a list of everything you need to move. Inventory-taking helps you choose the size and number of moving trucks you need. Always confirm your belongings with the inventory before returning to your new home.

  • Hire Local Movers

Do some research to find a reliable local moving company in Maine. Look for customer reviews, get quotes, and check for necessary licenses and insurance.

  • Pack Your Belongings

Start packing up your items well in advance of your moving day. Use sturdy boxes, and remember to label each one clearly so you know what’s inside to avoid confusion. Do well to indicate boxes with fragile items.

  • Execute the Move

On the moving day, ensure everything is packed and ready before the movers arrive. Once your belongings are safely in your new home, unpack the essentials and breathe fresh air.

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Other Moving Services within Maine

Intrastate moving is more than transferring your belongings from one place to another. Here are additional services that can make your move within Maine smooth:

  • Specialty Item Moving

We offer moving services for items that require special care, such as pianos, antiques, or artwork. Our team of experts handles them with utmost care and caution.

  • Student Moves

Are you moving to college for the first time on a tight budget? Not to worry, Three Movers offers budget-friendly rates. Additionally, we offer short-term moving storage to those who need them.

  • Truck Rentals

Are you considering a DIY moving method? If yes, truck rentals are an ideal relocation option. Renting a truck gives you the flexibility to move on your own. We provide standard and well-maintained trucks for rent.

Conclusion – Get a Free Moving Quote

Are you moving to the bustling city of Portland, Augusta, or Lewiston? It would help if you had adequate assistance and information. Three Movers is available to provide guidance and support.

Our moving quote helps when creating a moving budget. Our Maine moving company provides all you need for a successful relocation process. We aim to please our clients and derive joy from their satisfaction. Our moving quote will inform you of the cost and other details of the move. Our quotes are all-inclusive and accessible. Our lines are open 24/7, and we are available to respond to your inquiry. Contact us today to get the local moving process started!

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