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Thinking of leaving our charming Green Mountain State? Wait a second—have you considered a city-to-city move in Vermont? You don’t have to say goodbye to Ben & Jerry’s on tap, our legendary autumn foliage, or those magical, snow-capped winters.

We’re Vermont Local Movers, and we believe there’s no place like home—especially when home is Vermont!

Imagine swapping the hustle and bustle of Burlington for the artistic vibes of Montpelier without ever missing a ski season. Or you’re in Stowe, and you’ve been dreaming of lakeside life in Burlington? Whatever your dream locale within Vermont is, we’re here to make that move smooth, stress-free, and downright delightful. Trust us, you won’t regret sticking around!

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Average Cost of Local Moves Within Vermont

Let’s talk dollars and cents—but don’t worry, we’re not here to break the bank. As a Vermont moving company with years of experience, we get that every move is as unique as a Vermont snowflake.

Sure, the distance of your intrastate move plays a part in the cost. But there’s more to it! Think about how accessible your current and future homes are. Is there a tricky, narrow staircase involved? How about parking? Close to the door or a block away?

We also consider the time of year. Intrastate moving during Vermont’s stunning fall might be different in movers cost than in the sleepy winter months. Curious about the price tag for your move? We offer free moving quotes, so there are no surprises, just peace of mind. So, let’s get you moving!

Finding the Best Moving Company for My Move in Vermont

So, you’ve decided to move within our cozy state—an awesome choice! How do you find the best Vermont local moving company for the job? Let us show you why Three Movers are the perfect fit for you:

Local Know-How

We’re not just called Vermont Local Movers for the heck of it; we embody it. Our team comprises Vermont natives who know the local terrain, traffic patterns, and neighborhoods. Whether you’re moving from Brattleboro’s artsy vibe to Stowe’s ski slopes, we know the quickest, safest routes to get your belongings there in tip-top shape.

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Clear Communication

Let’s face it, same-state moving can be stressful. And when you’re searching for “local movers near me,” you want a company that alleviates that stress, not adds to it. That’s why we make it a point to communicate clearly and frequently. You’ll get timely updates on the status of your move from the moment we load up the first box to when the last piece of furniture is placed in your new home.

Customer Reviews

Word of mouth is gold, right? Our customer reviews aren’t just a pat on the back for us; they’re your assurance that you’re making the right choice. We’ve helped countless Vermonters move happily, and our testimonials showcase our commitment to excellent service.

So when picking the best Vermont local moving company, remember: We’re not just another option. We’re your best option.

The Relocation Process

 If the mere thought of moving within Vermont makes you feel overwhelmed, relax! We’ve got this down to a science and are ready to share our playbook. Here’s how Vermont Local Movers, one of the most trusted local moving companies, will guide you every step of the way:

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Initial Consultation

First things first, let’s have a chat! We’ll discuss the nitty-gritty details of your move—everything from your timeline to any particular items you may have. We’ll assess your needs and offer you a free quote.

Planning & Coordination

Now that we’re acquainted, we’ll devise a personalized moving plan. Got a treasured piano or a delicate fish tank? We’ll determine the safest and most efficient way to move those items. We put the “plan” in “Vermont!”

Packing & Loading

This is where the rubber meets the road. Our team of local movers will arrive with all the necessary supplies to pack your belongings safely and securely. We treat your stuff as if it’s our own, which means everything gets wrapped, padded, and loaded with care.

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The Big Move

We’ll transport your items to your new Vermont haven on move day. You can count on us for a smooth ride; after all, we know Vermont’s roads like the lyrics “Moonlight in Vermont.”

Other Moving Services for Vermont

Looking for more than just a simple move? Vermont Local Movers has got you covered. From residential moving to expert packing services, we handle it all carefully. Need to store some items? We even offer secure moving storage solutions. Choose us for a one-stop, stress-free intrastate moving experience!


Ready to make your Vermont move a reality? Let’s get the ball rolling with a free-moving quote. No strings, no stress—just a fresh Vermont start!

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