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Do you reside within Missouri but want to trade addresses within the state?  If you plan to relocate within the Show-Me State, you’re in for an exciting journey. Whether moving from Kansas City to St. Louis, Springfield to Columbia or just around the corner, a new chapter filled with opportunities and adventures awaits you.

Three Movers is here to make that chapter as smooth as possible. From the first box, you pack to the moment you step into your new home, consider us your trusted partner in this life-changing experience. So go ahead and dive into this exciting new chapter of your life. With our expertise and support, changing homes in Missouri will be an excellent and enjoyable experience.

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Average Cost of Moves within Missouri

Are you planning to shuffle your life around within Missouri? Whether you’re contemplating a move from one end of Missouri to another or just moving across the streets, the cost is a critical component of a same-state relocation. Factors that influence your moving cost include:

1. Distance: A move within your city will cost less than relocating to the other side of the state.

2. Volume: The more luggage you have, the higher the moving cost.

3. Seasonality: Expect to pay more during the high-demand summer months.

4. Extra Services: Do you need packing and unpacking services?

  • Local Moves (within the same city): costs between $200-$500 for a standard one-bedroom move. 
  • Short-Distance Moves (up to 100 miles): Average costs range from $400 to $1,000, depending on factors like volume and labor.
  • Long-Distance Moves (more than 100 miles but still within Missouri): Plan to spend between $1,000 and $3,000 for these longer in-state journeys.

Remember, these are just general figures; always get personalized quotes for precise moving rates.

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Tips for Missouri Samestate Moves

Below are some tips for moving to your new Missouri home:

  • Research

Before entrusting every aspect of the relocation into the hands of the local military moving company, ensure you do adequate research about the company you intend to hire. Check reviews and ratings.

  • Inquire about parking laws

Make thorough inquiries about the community’s parking regulations and whether they can accommodate huge trucks. It’s essential to inform locals about the move to prepare their minds and the community.

  • Ask About Insurance

Make an effort to inquire about insurance policies and what you can do to avoid additional costs during the relocation process. Always ensure they exempt your insured possession so you do not make double payments.

  • Pack and load with a Plan

It’s essential to pack in an organized manner. Do not throw everything into your moving truck or other vehicles. Pack large items first and fill them with small boxes. Boxes of similar size will stack and fit together. Ensure that you keep everything in a safe space.

  • Do a final walk-through

Finally, before leaving your old home, go through everything with your crew. You must certify that all your boxes and bags are in the truck, leaving nothing. Ensure that there are labels on every box to avoid confusion. Also, you can take out old trash and give out items you no longer need.

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Other Moving Services within Missouri

At Three Movers, we offer services that include:

Military Moving: Our dedicated team of professionals has the expertise to settle military personnel into their new homes. Whether it be a permanent change of station(PCS) or personally procured moves(PPM), we provide premium services at the most affordable rates.

Industrial Moving: We assist big industries in moving their heavy-weight and delicate equipment to their new place of operation. Our client base includes hospitals, manufacturing companies, and big schools.

We have the workforce and team members who understand the sensitivity of these things and are sure to handle them delicately as they require specialized equipment and transportation.

Conclusion: Get A Free Moving Quote

Obtaining a moving company is a crucial step in the intrastate relocation process. A detailed quote acts as your personalized roadmap, clearly outlining what services you’ll receive, expected timelines, and overall logistics.

A customized moving quote ticks the right boxes and allows you to make informed decisions. It provides the peace of mind to focus on what matters: the exciting new chapter in your life that you’re about to begin.

Three Movers offers tailored quotes that meet your specific moving needs. We provide transparent and comprehensive moving quotes at no cost. Reach out to our local movers today and get a free moving quote.

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