Military Moving Companies Deliver to Washington DC

Moving to Washington DC is easy when you hire the aid of a military moving company. Military movers are designed to make moving easy and affordable. If you never had to move before, a moving company can help you learn the ropes and get the job safely.

Finding a moving company is simple. You can find moving companies online, but before hiring just anyone, make sure you do your research. Testimonials will give you great insight on how the company treats customers. If they do not have a website, you might want to be on the lookout for another, more reputable business.

Boxing Items Properly

Moving requires organization and patience. Make sure you do not pack boxes heavier than 50 pounds. Use white packing paper when boxing up items and make sure everything sits snugly inside of the box. Start by boxing up the largest room in your house. In most cases, people start packing their living room first.

Moving with Small Children

If you will be moving with children make sure they stay entertained during the process. It can be just as stressful for them as it is for you during this time. Make sure you collect all sharp items and chemicals and place them in a high area or in another safe location. To make sure aisles and stairways stay tidy, keep kids at a safe distance from the work zone.

Safety Tips for Moving

  • Do not carry more than one box
  • Stack lighter boxes on top of heavier boxes
  • Carry boxes with moving aids if they are too heavy
  • Keep boxes in a location closest to the moving truck
  • Wear proper clothing such as boots and gloves
  • Make sure to stay hydrated
  • Load and unload boxes early in the morning when everyone has the most energy