Finding Cheap Military Moving Companies

When it comes to moving, you can guarantee you are headed for a great deal of stress. Cheap military moving companies want to take some of the stress off of your shoulders by offering low cost services. To find these companies, you will have to conduct some research.

Online is the best place to compare services and prices. Once you have at least three companies of interest, give them a call and compare quotes. The agents you speak with should have a vast amount of knowledge about all forms of shipping. If they do not seem to knowledgeable about how it works, consider hiring another company.

Services Cheap Moving Companies Offer

  • Taking Inventory
  • Loading the Van
  • Shipping Tracking
  • Packing Furniture
  • Unpacking Furniture
  • Storage
  • Placing Furniture

Preparing Your House for a Move

Before contacting a moving company, make sure you take inventory of your items and document their condition. You will need a lot of supplies for movies so don’t forget to pick up essential items such as, boxes, permanent marker, labels, colored tabs, packing paper, and tape. Make sure to clear all stairways and aisles of tripping hazards.

Proper Lifting to Avoid Injury

The most common way to get an injury during a move is by using improper lifting techniques. Make sure you do not lift more than one box at a time. Crouch with your knees to pick up the box and hold the box in front of you with both hands.

Anytime you’re planning a move it’s good to practice the proper lifting techniques. Stretching before you begin lifting anything of substantial weight is encouraged. Stiff limbs can create more problems and make lifting difficult. If you are unable to lift heavy objects, ask your mover about full packaging services.