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Georgia, the Empire State of the South, is a beautiful state. Whether you’re considering a move from Atlanta to Savannah or from Macon to Athens, moving within Georgia brings its perks and benefits. Moving within Georgia is an opportunity for a fresh start and new experiences. With careful planning and organization, you can ensure a successful transition and quickly feel at home in your new location. Three Movers is your one-stop shop to make your Georgia local move as smooth and hassle-free as possible. With our team of dedicated professionals and a commitment to excellence, we’ve earned a reputation as one of Georgia’s top Military local moving companies.

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Average Moving Cost of Samestate Moves

The average cost for same-state moves within Georgia can vary significantly based on several factors. These factors include the distance of the move, the volume of your belongings, the time of year, and whether you choose to handle the move yourself or hire professional movers.

For longer-distance same-state moves within Georgia or moving from one end of the state to another, costs can range from approximately $1,000 to $3,000 or more, depending on the abovementioned factors.

You can get an accurate moving estimate from several professional moving companies. Ensure that you discuss all aspects of your move with potential movers to ensure you understand the pricing structure and any potential additional fees.

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Tips on Choosing Intrastate Movers

Finding the right local movers in Georgia involves researching and carefully considering your needs and budget. By following these steps and selecting a reputable and experienced local moving company, you can have a successful and stress-free local move within Georgia.

●     Create a List of Potential Movers

Start by creating a list of potential local moving companies in Georgia. You can do this through online searches, recommendations from friends or family, or by checking local business directories.

Compare the estimates, paying attention not only to the total Military Moving Cost but also to any additional fees and services. Ensure that the estimates are detailed and transparent.

●     Check Licensing and Credentials

When choosing a moving company, verify that the moving company has authentic certifications and insurance coverage. The Georgia Department of Public Safety certificate regulates the activities of Georgia local movers. You can also check for reviews and ratings on websites like Yelp and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

●     Get Recommendations

Ask for recommendations from people who have recently moved to Georgia. They can provide insights into their experiences with specific moving companies. Check online reviews and ratings from social media platforms. The BBB is a great website to check out ratings.

●     Request On-Site Estimates

Contact the moving companies you’re considering and request on-site estimates. A representative from each company will visit your home to assess the scope of the move and provide you with an accurate quote.

●      Ask About Insurance Coverage

Inquire about the insurance coverage offered by each moving company. Understand the extent of coverage for your belongings during the move, and consider purchasing additional insurance if needed.

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Why Local Movers Make a Difference

If you plan to move from the bustling heart of Atlanta to the charming streets of Savannah, Three Movers is a local moving company that offers several advantages when relocating to Georgia. Here are some key benefits of hiring a local moving company:

●     Local Expertise

Although there are several moving options, which include a DIY move, enlisting the help of family and friends, or a hybrid move, nothing beats the expertise of professionals who know Georgia’s roads, terrains, and neighborhoods like the back of their hands. Our local moving company is familiar with the turns, streets, and traffic patterns in your area.

●     Hourly Rates

Local moves often come with hourly rates. You can expect to save money as it’s a pay-as-you-go service.

●     Equipment and Resources

Our local moving company can access the equipment and resources needed for your move, such as trucks, packing materials, and tools. We provide sorting, packing, unpacking, and moving services.

●     Quick Response

Our team of professionals is on hand to answer your questions and requests. We provide quick responses and solutions due to proximity. We have physical addresses all over Georgia for walk-in clients.


Moving within Georgia is a big step that involves careful planning and consideration of various factors. Whether you’re looking for the excitement of city living, the charm of a small town, or something in between, Georgia has many options to suit your needs.

Take the time to visit these locations and consider what each offers you and your lifestyle. The choice ultimately depends on your career goals, family needs, and lifestyle preferences. So why settle for a DIY move when you could enjoy a stress-free move? Contact us today and get a free moving quote.

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